Computer Science

AA Transfer Degree

Computer systems have become an increasingly important part of everyday life. Today these machines bill customers, pay employees, record airline and hotel reservations, and monitor factory production processes. Scientific and engineering research relies on computer systems to solve complex equations as well as to collect, store and sort vast amounts of data.

Workers in computer and related occupations design data processing systems, write instructions and translate data into machine-readable language, and operate computers and peripheral equipment.

Most computer careers require some type of specialized training. Although not a universal requirement, a college degree is increasingly important for systems analysts and programmers-‑especially for those who work in scientific and technical research operations. In addition to possessing technical knowledge and skills, computer personnel must be able to concentrate on their work and should enjoy working with details. Those who operate equipment must have manual dexterity and some mechanical aptitude. Programmers and systems analysts must be able to think logically and enjoy solving problems.

Because of the wide range of abilities and training needed for computer science careers in West Central Illinois, JWCC offers both transfer and career/technical programs in computer science. The program a student should pursue depends on the student's interests, abilities and extent of education preferred before obtaining a job.