Blazer Launch


For ALL new Blazers and their immediate support system.

Blazer Launch – your first step to success at JWCC!

PREPARE: Prepare for transition to college, financial aid/scholarships and career pathways.

REGISTER: Meet your advisor and get your first semester schedule.

SUPPORT: How to access academic and support resources available to JWCC students.

CONNECT: Connect with your academic advisor and career path group, current students, faculty and administrators.

INVOLVED: You are a Blazer, starting now! Get connected and involved with student groups/organizations.

Students will receive a JWCC t-shirt and light refreshments will be provided.

Choose the date/timeframe that works best for you:

Saturday, April 6- 10a-1p- QUINCY

Thursday, April 11 (@Mt. Sterling) 1-4pm

Thursday, April 18 (@SEC- Pittsfield) 2-4pm

Friday, May 3- 10a-1p- QUINCY

Wed, June 12- 4-7p- QUINCY

Thursday, June 20- 1-4p- QUINCY

Saturday, July 20- 10a-1p- QUINCY

Tuesday, July 30- 3-6pm- Workforce Development Center