Adult Scholarship

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Continue your path, or go a whole new direction!

JWCC is committed to help you reach your goals. Apply for the Adult Scholarship- covers in-district tuition for one class ($489). Students must be part-time (taking at least 6 credit hours per semester (about two classes).

Fall Scholarships (August classes) are due May 31 and are awarded in June.

Spring Scholarships (January classes) are due November 30 and are awarded in December.

Scholarships not available for Summer or Winter terms.

Established for ‘adult’ students (not coming directly from high school or another college) or students with adult circumstances.

Remember- to qualify:

  • Students must apply and be admitted to John Wood.
  • Students will be required to fill out the FAFSA.
  • Students must reapply for the adult scholarship each Fall.
  • Students will be required to connect with adult learner support group (virtual) two times per semester.

* A limited number of scholarships are available each semester. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying students based on need, then first come, first served basis.

Apply for the Adult Scholarship