Rights and Responsibilities

Financial Aid Information

Conditions of Award

  • Aid is awarded subject to enrollment and attendance at John Wood Community College (JWCC) in an eligible program.
  • Your Pell award typically is based on full-time (12 hours) enrollment. If your enrollment status changes, your award will be adjusted and/or cancelled. IL MAP Grant is based on actual credit hours with the award max being 15 hours.
  • Commitment of financial aid is contingent upon receipt of funds by JWCC from federal and/or state funding agencies and is subject to all applicable federal and state regulations. JWCC accepts no responsibility to replace any funds denied due to tardiness or failure to comply with regulatory guidelines.
  • The Financial Aid Office has the right to review, change, or cancel any award due to changes in the student’s financial or academic status. Any changes in federal, state, or institutional funds will be sent to the student in writing.
  • If you do not feel the aid awarded is appropriate based on your family’s ability to pay, you may appeal for additional evaluation. Appeals should include documentation.
  • Eligibility for financial aid must be established each year based on college, federal, and state guidelines.
  • Repayment of all or part of your aid may be required if you are withdrawn. Refunds due to student withdrawal are returned to the fund from which aid was awarded. This includes all Title IV aid program including loan funds.
  • Aid will be disbursed only for classes that have started. The disbursement date is the sixth week of classes or after the drop/add period for late starting classes.

You have the right to:

  • Privacy. All information submitted will be treated as confidential and released only to those persons designated by you on the Release of Information Form or entities specified under the Federal Family Education Right to Privacy Act and its amendments.
  • Have your financial aid reconsidered if you believe an error has been made in calculating your award.
  • Know what financial aid is available, including all federal, state, institutional, and to the highest degree possible, private assistance, and to have each type and amount of assistance of the Financial Aid Award Letter explained to you.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Provide additional documentation, verification, correction, and/or new information requested by the Office of Financial Aid. Failure to do so may result in delayed delivery or cancellation of your aid.
  • Notify the JWCC Financial Aid Office of any information that has changed since you applied for financial aid.
  • Read and understand all letters and forms that you are asked to sign and to keep copies of those documents for your personal records.
  • Understand JWCC’s refund policy and check with the Business Office to know the expenses you must pay if you withdraw from school. See here for our full refund policy.
  • Understand that payment arrangement for any outstanding debt must be resolved a week prior to the start of classes. This includes any form of payment such as a payment plan established, financial aid, documentation from an outside source, or cash, check or credit payment. If financial aid is pending confirm all document needed are received in FAO.
  • Notify Enrollment Services if your residency changes.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of any financial resources that are awarded or received apart from the aid offered by JWCC. These may include scholarships, grants, employer assistance, fee waivers, etc. Such awards may result in adjustments and/or cancellation of aid awarded.
  • Update mailing addresses, phone number, and email address with JWCC and Direct Loan Services.