Student Printing

JWCC Print Management

In an effort to promote responsible printing, John Wood Community College has a print management solution.

Mouse Click iconHow does it work?

  • JWCC has allocated a printing credit balance of $15.00 for the semester.
  • A dollar amount is assigned to each page you print and removed from your balance.
  • Black & White single-sided prints cost $.05. Color single-sided prints cost $.16
  • If you run out of funds, additional funds can be added to your account by purchasing pre-pay print cards from the bookstore. They are available in $1 and $5 increments.

Mouse Click iconWho can use it?

Students who have an active email account can print with PaperCut. PaperCut works with both PC's and Mac's.

Mouse Click iconHow much does it cost to print?

Black and White is charged at $0.05\page and color is charged at $0.16\page. Each student has initial balance of $15.00 for the fall semester. The spring and summer semester Information Technology will add $15.00 to your current balance never to exceed a cap of $30.00. IT will reset all balances in August back to $15.

Mouse Click iconIf I print a document duplex (double-sided printing), does that count as one page?

It will count as two pages. However, there is a discount if you print duplex. There is a 10% discount on Black\White,
and a 3% discount on Color. We encourage students as well as staff to duplex as much as possible to save paper (if possible as some printers do not have the capability to print duplex).

Mouse Click iconHow can I keep track of what I print?

It is possible to keep track of what you print, but you can only do it from on-campus. You can check your print activity by clicking on the details link on the PaperCut client software and login using your JWCC email information.

The client should be located in the upper-right hand corner of the desktop.

Print Client

If you don't see it, double-click the PaperCut Client Tool icon (located in the taskbar or system tray).  Print Confirm Box

Once the client is open, click on the Details link. A window will open and show a login box
Login using your JWCC email account information.

PaperCut Login Box