Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft Authenicator App icon

John Wood Community College has enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for anyone who has a JWCC email account. MFA adds another layer of security to prevent your account from being accessed by anyone other than you.

After entering your password, MFA will prompt you with a text message, a phone call, or a mobile app notification to allow you to sign in to your JWCC account.

Some places call this extra security two-factor authentication, while others may call it multi-factor. You may already be using multi-factor on other platforms, such as online banking or other financial sites.

John Wood MFA Options

  1. Mobile app – an app installed on your smartphone that will prompt when MFA is needed. You won’t need to enter a code on computer with this method.
  2. Authentication phone – your cell phone receives text messages or phone calls with a code.
  3. Office phone (JWCC employees only) – if you use this option, be sure you have the 3CX mobile app to receive MFA phone calls when working off campus.

After setting up your options, you will only be prompted for MFA when not connected to the JWCC network (e.g. accessing JWCC email on your mobile phone, or on a laptop at home would prompt you).

At any time, you wish to update any of your MFA phone numbers or options, you can use the following link:

Questions or Assistance

MFA remembers your device so you will not be prompted every time. However, you will be prompted for MFA every few months and every time you login to your account on a new device.

Security note: If you receive an unexpected MFA phone call or text message, please contact the JWCC Help Desk. It could be a person trying to break into your account.

If you have questions about MFA use here at John Wood Community College or require assistance with using it, please contact the JWCC Help Desk . You may also call us at 217.641.4325.