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Truck Driver Training

8-Week Program

Students may choose to take JWCC’s eight week truck driver training program, which is not eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA).

Class Schedule

  • A prep session is held the week preceding class
  • Classes meet Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, for seven weeks (eight including the prep session)

Training Details

  • Prepare for the Commercial Driver’s License learner’s permit
  • Learn what is required to become a qualified professional truck driver
  • Train under the guidance of skilled instructors with many years of over-the-road experience
  • Acquire the skills to drive tractor-trailer rigs on all kinds of roads, from city streets and rural two-lane roads to interstate highways

To better meet students’ needs, the program is located in the Workforce Development Center, a state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot facility on fourteen acres with a four-acre maneuvering range. The Workforce Development Center is at 4220 Kochs Lane in Quincy.

Contact & Registration Information

If you have questions or would like to request information about the Truck Driver Training Program, please call 217.224.5362 or 217.641.4914.

To register for the eight-week class, please contact Kelly Lewis by phone at either 217.224.5362 or 217.641.4971 or by emailing the Truck Driver Training program. Students may also register in person at the Workforce Development Center, 4220 Kochs Lane in Quincy during regular business hours.

Open House Dates

To learn more about the program, attend one of the following open houses:

Monday, December 6, 2021

Open houses are held at 6:30 PM at the Workforce Development Center, 4220 Kochs Lane in Quincy.

JWCC Alumnus Luke Lish

Schedule of Classes

Classroom Dates
Monday – Thursday, 7 AM – 4 PM

October 18 – 21, 2021 (prep session week)
October 25 – December 9, 2021 (closed November 25)

Call 217.224.5362 or 217.641.4971 to sign up today!

JWCC is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges, the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools, the Illinois Trucking Association, and numerous other local, state and national organizations which assist JWCC in meeting its educational goals. JWCC’s truck driver training program proudly offers courses certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI).

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Cost of the 8-Week Program

The entire registration fee is due to John Wood Community College prior to the start of the prep session. During the prep session the student must pass a D.O.T. physical and drug screen, complete an employment application, and obtain their CDL driving permit. If a student is unable to complete any of these items prior to the start of class the following week, they can delay their start of training until the next available scheduled class. This program is eligible for funding through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) or other public agencies. Sharkey Transportation, Inc. is offering a scholarship opportunity for qualified candidates.

NOTE: Illinois CDL regulations now require individuals to show a birth certificate or passport in order to take the CDL permit test.

8-Week Program Costs
Training Fee$4,160.00
Textbooks (approximate cost)$93.00
Total Cost$4,253.00

(Cost subject to change without notice)

Online Class Option

The eight-week Truck Driver Training online course is the only one of its kind in the region and covers the classroom component required for the program. The online class decreases the amount of time students need to be on campus to complete training. Hands-on driving instruction required in addition to the online class can be arranged to allow students to continue to work while training. There is an additional online delivery fee required.

8-Week Online Program Costs
Training Fee$4,160.00
Online Delivery Fee$150.00
Textbooks (approximate cost)$93.00
Total Cost$4,403.00

(Cost subject to change without notice)

Other costs not paid to John Wood

Illinois CDL License Fee:  $50.00
Missouri CDL License Fee: $102.50

Some companies, upon employment, require a Hazardous Materials Endorsement and/or a TWIC Card. The cost for the Hazardous Materials Endorsement is $86.50; the TWIC card cost is $132.00 ($25 discount if you have Hazardous Materials Endorsement first).

Refund Policy

A student who notifies the TDT program prior to the start of class may receive a full refund. If a student is not present during the first day of the prep session, the student will be dropped from the class and receive a full refund. Once a student starts the prep session, a $363.00 prep fee will be kept for prep week costs if the student does not then continue into the seven week training class. If the student has not completed requirements to continue in the class, they can also postpone their start of class to a subsequent training session. Once the training class begins, the student has until the end of the second day of class to drop with a partial refund. At the end of the second day of class, no refunds will be given.

16-Week Program

The 16-week truck driver training certificate prepares students for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) examination leading to employment as Class A truck drivers. Students gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the proper operation of Class A trucks. JWCC uses industry standard equipment for training and employs the latest technology, including an up-to-date computer lab. This program includes the basics of logistics and supply chain management and offers students the opportunity to attain a stackable college credential toward an AAS degree in logistics and operations management. The JWCC truck driver training courses are certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute.

An eight-week truck driver training program is also available to prepare students for the CDL learner’s permit while learning what is required to become a qualified professional truck driver.

Career Opportunities

  • Delivery Driver
  • Driver
  • Line Haul Driver
  • Log Truck Driver
  • Over the Road Driver (OTR Driver)
  • Road Driver
  • Semi Truck Driver
Truck driver training
Suggested Degree Plan for Truck Driver Training Certificate
Do not use this degree plan as a substitute for an advisor. Always meet with an advisor to discuss your specific needs for completing the program before signing up for classes each semester.
LOM 100 Introduction to Logistics Management Details 3
This course presents an overview of logistics and supply chain management, customer service, and inventory management for personnel working in retail, wholesale and the manufacturing sectors. Course content is based on the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Logistic Technician (MSSCCLT) curriculum. When taking this class online, students are required to take the MSSC-CLA exam and the MSSC-CLT exam at JWCC or any authorized MSSC testing facility.
Prerequisites: (none)
LOM 102 Supply Chain Management Details 3
This course introduces basic supply chain principles including warehousing, transportation and distribution.
Prerequisites: (none)
TRK 150 Introduction to Truck Driver Training Details 1
This course is designed to provide basic information needed by a truck driver. An overview of vehicle braking and electrical, mechanical, and air systems will be covered, as well as Department of Transportation's (D.O.T.) rules and regulations. Successful completion of this course will prepare the student to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Learner's Permit.
Prerequisites: LOM 100 and LOM 102 or consent of department; Minimum of 21 years of age (or waiver by the Dean of CTHE), certification that medical requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are met, certification of driving privileges are current with no serious driving violations within the past three years.
TRK 180 Truck Driver Training: Fundamentals Details 4
This course is designed to provide basic information needed by an entry-level truck driver. Presents an overview of truck transportation, a description of truck systems and how they work, and basic defensive driving skills. Vehicle braking and electrical, mechanical, and air systems will be emphasized, as well as Department of Transportation's (D.O.T.) rules and regulations, logs and legal topics of interest to trucking and transportation. Additional topics include defensive driving, cargo handling, hazardous materials, and other closely related topics as required by Professional Truck Driver Institute.
Prerequisites: TRK 150; Corequisite: TRK 181
TRK 181 Truck Driver Training: Operations Details 5
This course is designed to develop the basic skills needed by an entry-level truck driver. Provides extensive hands-on experience in backing, parking, start-up, preventive maintenance, and over the road driving. The hours of training will meet all of the requirements for the student to receive a Professional Truck Driver Institute certificate. Successful completion of this course will require the student to take the necessary exams to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
Prerequisites: TRK 150; Students must possess a valid Illinois, Missouri or Iowa State CDL Learner's Permit; Corequisite: TRK 180

Gainful Employment: For more information about graduation rates, cost, the median debt of students who complete the program, and other information, please view our Gainful Employment information for the particular certificate of study.