Instructions for Online Math Courses

 WATCH THIS VIDEO:How to get started on ALEKS

and FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW to get started.


These instructions are for IT and Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students.

  •  IT, Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students start at #1.
  • OLC and Structured classes using ALEKS start at #8. (You will receive the course code when you meet with your instructor.)
  1. Go to BlazerNet, and enter your login credentials.
  2. Click on the CANVAS icon in the Launchpad.
  3. Select the name of your math course.
  4. Read through the SYLLABUS,  GETTING STARTED information, and all other information contained in the Canvas Module (on the left side bar in the CANVAS class.) You can also find these on the RESOURCES page in ALEKS when you are logged into ALEKS.
  5. Watch the VIDEOS in the CANVAS class about ALEKS. (These can also be found on the RESOURCES page in ALEKS.)
  6. Look at your schedule and find the class number, course title, and instructor name.
  7. Download the COURSE CODE list. (See the right sidebar menu on this page via a desktop. If using a mobile view, please see the list to follow below.) Find your correct course code. You will need this when creating and/or renewing your ALEKS account.

8. Purchase your ALEKS access code at the JWCC bookstore.

9. Read the following three choices and CLICK ON THE ONE THAT DESCRIBES YOUR STATUS. (See the right sidebar menu to download the appropriate instruction sheet.)

I have never taken an ALEKS course, (or it has been more than a semester since my last class and I need a new login.) I need a NEW ACCOUNT on ALEKS student
Use the NEW ACCOUNT on ALEKS Instruction Sheet to create your account.
I am continuing work from a DIFFERENT SEMESTER in the SAME ALEKS course. I am Continuing work in the SAME ALEKS course (that you had been working on in a previous semester.)

Use the HOW TO CONTINUE WORKING IN the SAME ALEKS course Instruction Sheet to renew/extend access to your account.

I have an ALEKS account and am STARTING a NEW ALEKS COURSE. (I have my previously used login/password.) I am Starting a NEW COURSE (where no previous work has been completed,) and wish to retain my previous login/password.

Use the HOW TO RENEW ALEKS for a NEW COURSE Instruction Sheet to renew/extend access to your account.

If after you have read the course syllabus and other provided information, and you still have questions, then please email your instructor.