Nursing Assistant- CNA



What is a nurse assistant?

The nurse assistant is the health care provider who has the most daily contact with the patient/resident.  A nurse assistant knows the needs of their patient/resident and can be the eyes and ears for the rest of the health care team.

The CNA directly impacts the patient or residents’ life and well being.

A typical day begins with the CNA providing assistance with “activities of daily living” (ADL’s), defined as dressing, bathing, mouth care, walking, feeding persons who need help, making beds, taking and recording vital signs, and many other basic, but essential services.  

Human Elements Required:  the ability to interact on a one-to-one basis with patients or residents, with sensitivity to their emotional, social, and mental health.


About the CNA Program

At JWCC, the CNA (nursing assistant) curriculum:

  • Is designed to prepare the student to perform skills in assisting the person in his/her daily tasks.
  • Focuses on an understanding of the importance of care needed during the different stages of life.
  • Include studies in the classroom and clinical experiences in a long-term care facility/nursing home.

Nursing Assistants perform basic nursing tasks under the supervision and direction of the registered or practical nurse in a nursing home, home health environment, or hospital setting.

A grade of 80% or higher is required to successfully complete this program and become eligible to take the Illinois State Competency Exam.  This exam is required for employment as a certified nursing assistant in the state of Illinois.