What is College for Life?

College for Life 2017-2018 is an exciting new program. College for Life (CFL) is for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) who want to go to college.

Why did JWCC start CFL?

JWCC serves the entire community. CFL allows JWCC to better serve students with IDD. College for Life (CFL) students will gain skills, knowledge, and confidence for increased contribution to our greater community as coworkers, friends, and neighbors.

Succsess Story:

"We never dreamt that a program like this would ever be available for Nick. Nick has a completely different attitude going to JWCC than he did in high school. He has a great attitude at home and talks non-stop after being picked up both days. We are amazed and so grateful! Nick is so very fond of all of his instructors. We have never experienced the excitement that Nick has wen he comes home. The last 2 weeks have been such a pleasant surprise." -Jill (Nick's mom)

Mission Statement

JWCC enriches lives through learning by providing accessible education opportunities and services at an exceptional value. College for Life (CFL) extends that mission to students with intellectual/developmental disabilities, allowing JWCC to better reach the community as a whole.

College for Life students

What are intellectual/developmental disabilities?

Intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) begin before age 22. IDD makes daily living more difficult. Challenges may be in self-care, language, learning, mobility, self-direction, independence, and working. IDD may also include autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, and Down syndrome. College for Life (CFL) is open to students with other learning challenges as well.

Register for classes:

Contact Michele Westmaas at 217-641-4340 or Nicole Zulauf at 217-641-4941 to make sure that the program fits with your needs, or your student’s needs, before you register and pay tuition.

For more details:

Please read through the Frequintly Asked Questions located to the left of the screen for more information to see if College for Life is what you would be interested in.