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Intelligent Lives stars three pioneering young American adults with intellectual disabilities–Micah, Naieer, and Naomie–who challenge perceptions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college and the workforce.

The screening will take place on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Worship Theatre of the Kroc Center, located at 405 Vermont St, Quincy, IL. The event is free, but reservations are encouraged. To register, please fill out the form below. 



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College for Life Certificate Program


New students enrolling in two classes may receive one class FREE! Fill out the form to the right to let us know you are interested and we will be in touch! 

18 CLFC hours

The College for Life Certificate (CFLC) program is intended for students with intellectual/developmental disability or similar learning challenges considered eligible for special education services under IDEA. CFLC core courses are designed to prepare students for successful adult life with greater participation in competitive integrated employment, valued community membership, and independent living. Flexibility in elective courses allows students to pursue an individualized course of study based on personal interests and goals with opportunity for maximum participation with the general student body.

Potential CFLC students are required to meet with the CFL Coordinator prior to admission and each semester to increase the likelihood of success. The CFL Coordinator will approve an individualized course of study for each student.

Students seeking a College for Life Certificate must successfully complete 8 CFL core courses plus 10 elective courses. A suggested three-year course of study is outlined below. 

First Semester
CFL core FYE & Self-Advocacy I 1
CFL core Positive Communication 1
    Elective 1
Total Hours 3
Second Semester
CFL core Self-Advocacy II 1
CFL core Healthy Relationships 1
    Elective 1
Total Hours 3
Third Semester
CFL core Self-Advocacy III 1
CFL core Personal Finance 1
    Elective 1
Total Hours 3
Fourth Semester
CFL core Person Centered Planning 1
CFL core Getting Ready to Work 1
    Elective 1
Total Hours 3
Fifth Semester
Elective 1
Elective 1
Elective 1
Total Hours 3
Sixth Semester
Elective 1
Elective 1
Elective 1
Total Hours 3

An approved certificate course of study may include CFL elective courses, developmental courses, audited courses, or regular college credit-bearing courses. Electives offered through CFL may include course topics such as but not limited to Technology, Health & Wellness, Sports & Fitness, Cooking, Arts/Drama, Literacy/Reading, Math, Science, History, and Current Events.  Students will be encouraged to select elective courses from at least 4 different topic areas.

CFL core and elective courses are graded pass/fail and must be completed at a level 3 or 4 competency (on a scale of 0-4) to meet certificate requirements. Other courses must be completed at passing level to meet certificate requirements. CFL core and elective courses may be repeated as often as necessary to achieve minimum competency for the certificate.  Other courses are subject to the corresponding department rules regarding repetition of unsatisfactory coursework. The CFL Coordinator will assist students in navigating the certificate requirements.

The suggested three-year course of study assumes students will take the minimum required 3 courses only, will begin in the fall, and that the semester they begin JWCC will be the first semester of their college experience. However, the College for Life Certificate program is a creative, flexible, and individualized process that students may complete in a shorter or longer time period.

Certificate seeking students will be offered early registration for CFL courses to ensure enrollment in all CFL courses required for their individualized programs of study. Later, open registration will allow CFLC graduates and non-certificate seeking students to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis in CFL courses that have not yet reached the maximum number of students allowed.

Students who have graduated with a CFL Certificate:

  • may continue taking CFL electives as desired with no minimum number of courses per semester,
  • will be enrolled in CFL elective courses during open registration after certificate-seeking students have completed early registration,
  • will be enrolled in CFL elective courses only as space allows. 

Non-certificate seeking students:

  • must meet with the CFL Coordinator for approval to enroll,
  • may take CFL core or elective courses,
  • must take a minimum of 3 CFL courses/semester (unless there are less than 3 courses available),
  • will be enrolled in CFL courses during open registration after certificate-seeking students have completed early registration,
  • will be enrolled in CFL courses only as space allows.

Success Story

"We never dreamt that a program like this would ever be available for Nick. Nick has a completely different attitude going to JWCC than he did in high school. He has a great attitude at home and talks non-stop after being picked up both days. We are amazed and so grateful! Nick is so very fond of all of his instructors. We have never experienced the excitement that Nick has when he comes home. The last 2 weeks have been such a pleasant surprise." -Jill (Nick's mom)

Mission Statement

JWCC enriches lives through learning by providing accessible education opportunities and services at an exceptional value. College for Life (CFL) extends that mission to students with intellectual/developmental disabilities, allowing JWCC to better reach the community as a whole.

College for Life students

Register for Classes

Contact Michele Westmaas at 217-641-4340 or Jacob Savoia at 217-641-4941 to make sure that the program fits with your needs, or your student’s needs, before you register and pay tuition.

For More Details

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions for more information to see if College for Life is what you would be interested in.