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Online Learning

Online learning at John Wood Community College uses the anytime, anywhere power of the Internet to deliver classes where and when it is convenient for you.

Over the 2015/2016 academic year, John Wood will be transitioning to a different learning management system (LMS) for online courses and web supplements to structured courses.  We currently use eCollege and will be moving to Canvas.  

During this academic year, you may have courses in one or both LMS's.  Check your schedule to see if CANVAS is listed next to the title of the class, which indicates the course will run in the Canvas LMS.  If there is nothing next to the title of the course, it will run in the eCollege LMS.  

By the Fall of 2016, all courses will be housed in the Canvas learning management system.

John Wood offers online classes to help students who need a flexible schedule to achieve their educational goals.

Click here to view a Canvas Demo course.

Click here to view a eCollege Demo course.