There are many paths to success

The choice is yours…

JWCC helps people of all ages prepare for a better future. Flexible and affordable programs make education a realistic option to meet your goals. With online courses, self-paced open learning, on-site training, traditional classes, and Smart Start to earn college credit while in high school, JWCC works with your busy schedule.

Is your path clear?

Or maybe you’re ready to change course?

Whether you know exactly where you’re going, are ready for a career change, or are looking for a bit of guidance, JWCC is here for your next step….

  • Graduate with an associate degree in one of 24 majors
  • Plan to transfer your JWCC credits toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution
  • Earn a two-year technical degree (associate in applied science) in 20 high-demand careers
  • Enhance your credentials with one of 28 career certificates
  • Advance your skills with a short-term certificate for a specific industry
  • Prepare to enter the workforce with stackable certificates in career, technology, health, or education

If all these choices seem overwhelming, don’t worry! JWCC advisors are ready to talk about your goals and help you take the first step.