VA Benefits

If you plan to use Veteran educational benefits, use the five-step process below to determine your eligibility and apply for those benefits if appropriate.

Step 1: Determine your Eligibility

Contact the VA office online at the US GI Bill website (or toll-free at 888-442-4551) to see if you qualify for VA Benefits, GI Bill benefits, and/or the Top-Up program and to request any necessary forms. Please note:  Forms should also be available at all DVA offices, most active duty military stations, and American Embassies in other countries.

Step 2: Complete & Send your VA Application

Get your VA Application for Benefits* (22-1990). If you are on active duty, your ESO will need to sign the bottom of the 3rd page.

Apply online on the GI Bill website


Mail or fax the form to JWCC:
John Wood Community College

Attn: Lisa Snodgrass
1301 South 48th Street
Quincy, IL  62305
FAX: 217-221-0778

The OVA must take several steps to get your student application in their system. This process includes the following steps and may take up to 12 weeks:

1. OVA personnel receive your enrollment verification from JWCC
2. OVA contacts DoD to verify that you have made payments toward the VA Program
3. OVA personnel confirm that the "VA Entitlement" was awarded to you
4. OVA enters your student information in their system to complete the application process

Students who wish to check on the status of their VA application should contact their OVA toll-free at 888-442-4551

Please note: 

Discharged students must also send a copy of their DD214.

Students who have already submitted a VA application may send a "Certificate of Eligibility" in lieu of the application.

Students who have used VA benefits at another school must submit a completed "Request for Change in Program or Place of Training" (22-1995) in lieu of the application.

Step 3: Complete the admissions and registration process

Step 4: Continue to verify enrollment

After registering for classes each semester, visit the Veteran's Coordinator located in the Enrollment Services Office and fill out a "blue sheet for veteran enrollment certification". The Veteran's Coordinator will then submit your enrollment to the OVA to be processed.

Top-Up programs users must do the following each semester:

  • Get a 22-1990 (Application for VA Benefits)
  • Have it signed by their Education Services Officer (ESO)
  • Send it to their VA office with a completed and approved military Tuition Assistance (TA) form.

Still have questions?  Email Lisa Snodgrass.