Testing Room Services

Proctored testing services are available in Room B131 in the Library/Learning Resources Center.  For information contact Becky Will, 217.641.4527 or by email.

For testing services available at outlying centers, please contact:

  • Ag Center: Ben Neisen, 217.641.4558
  • Mt. Sterling Center: Jeanne Yingling, 217.641.4144
  • Pittsfield Center: Jaclyn Baker, 217.641.4570

Last updated: 3/1/22


Mission:  The John Wood CC Testing Room promotes student success by providing a quiet, secure area for administering tests.

In this mission, we are guided by the professional best practices for proctoring published by the National College Testing Association.

Vision:  JWCC Testing Room Staff will “promote conduct that enhances a fair and secure testing experience and the validity of testing results.”


A monitored testing room is available on the Quincy Campus (Room B131) for make-up testing and testing in open learning courses.  Testing for structured courses is also possible, subject to availability as determined by your department chair or director and the testing room supervisor (Becky Will, ext. 4527).  Contact them for prior approval.  The practice of class-wide testing is to be avoided except in emergencies. (Extended weather closure, for example)

Instructors will complete a Proctored Test Instruction Form for each test to be proctored.

Administering JWCC Tests

Structured Classes

  • Make up tests – Instructors will leave tests for students who are allowed to make up a missed test with the appropriate Proctored Test Instruction Form.
  • Whole class – On rare occasions, instructors are allowed to put a test for an entire class to make up in the testing room. Instructors will provide a due date on the test and students are allowed to come in during normal operating hours.  Students should be encouraged to not wait, as testing is first come, first served.

Online and Hybrid Classes

  • Instructors will provide the testing room with a password that will open the test for the student.
  • If the test instructions, password, and number/name of the students are the same for the entire semester the instructor may complete just one test instruction form.

Open Learning Classes

  • All open learning tests are administered in the testing room. Some are paper/pencil and some are password-protected online tests.

Placement Testing

  • Enrollment Services/Advising staff enter the student’s name and appropriate test info and voucher number on the Placement Testing Calendar. This calendar is maintained by the supervisor of testing services at each location with the current operating hours Ordinarily, no placement test will be proctored the last two weeks of each semester because of the demands of final exams.

Proctoring outside the testing room

  • Nursing Department
    • Proctoring services may be provided in a computer lab at the request of the Nursing Department if staff is available. Emergency back-up staffing is to be provided by the Nursing Department.
    • CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant competency evaluation written exam testing is given once a month and is coordinated by SIU. Online examinations have recently been added.  (2019)
Administering Tests for Other Institutions/Outside Agencies

As a service to our district residents, the testing room may provide free proctoring for colleges/universities, institutions, or agencies.  Individuals and students who wish to have a test proctored will make the appropriate contacts between the original institution and JWCC.  You must alert us if any special software is required, as it may or may not be available. The JWCC Contact is Becky Will, ext. 4527.

  • Proctor Request Form – Students may provide a paper copy of a proctor request form from the originating institution that must be signed and sent back to that institution. This form provides necessary testing information (name, address, etc.).  The originating institution may follow up with specific test instructions and the actual exam in another communication.  Some proctor request forms may be handled via email.
  • Completed tests – Completed tests are returned via email or postal mail as directed by the originating institution. Any special costs (for expedited, special delivery, overnight, etc.)  will be paid by the student.

Last updated: 3/1/22

  1. BE INFORMED. Be sure you know the course number, the test name/number and your instructor’s name.
  2. BE PREPARED. You must show the testing room personnel a photo ID; either a JWCC ID or a state issued driver’s license, for example. Students must sign in on the appropriate sign-in sheet and sign time out when testing is completed.
  3. BE QUIET.  Please be considerate of others and keep your voice lowered.
  4. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF ANY TYPE. Use of any device will result in an academic dishonesty incident report being filed.
    1. Cellphones must be turned off (do not put on vibrate) and stored out of reach. Cell phones (talking, texting, or being used as a calculator) may not be used during testing. Any use of your cell phone during testing will result in your phone being confiscated until you leave the room and an academic dishonesty incident report being filed.
    2. Headphones and ear buds are not allowed.
    3. No personal laptops or smart watches/devices.
  5. NO ACCESSING PERSONAL ITEMS DURING TEST. Books, back packs, etc. should be placed in the cubbies provided. Accessing any personal item can result in an academic dishonesty incident report being filed.
  6. ALL TESTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY CLOSING TIME, so plan and use your time wisely.
  7. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE TESTING ROOM. John Wood Community College does not allow unattended children on campus.  (Board Policy No. 215) Please make appropriate arrangements before reporting for testing.

Last updated: 10/31/23

Honorlock is a remote testing service, first implemented during the pandemic, and is intended to ensure the integrity of coursework.  It may be required for students in some classes.  It is monitored by an outside party and is not part of the JWCC testing room.

  • Two study cubicles in the Library on the Quincy Campus have been set aside for use by students who cannot complete an Honorlock exam at home.
  • RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED and will be available only during regular Library operating hours on a first come, first served bases. Contact Becky Will, 217-641-4527, to make a reservation.
  • The student should come prepared for the exam and any log-in or procedural questions should be directed to your instructor before coming to campus.
  • Once on campus the student should first sign-in at the Testing Room (B131) located within the Library. Deposit all personal materials there.  The student will then be directed to the reserved room. If the Testing Room is closed, the student should sign in at the Library Circulation Desk.

For more information on Honorlock, visit their Student Information page and see Honorlock’s Standard Exam Guidelines