Financial Holds

A student who has tuition and fees owed the college will not be allowed to register for additional classes and future registrations will be canceled until the account balance is paid in full. This includes parking and library fines and any other unpaid departmental fines or fees.

Students with unpaid balances will be referred to an external collection service. Collection service fees and other costs incurred to collect unpaid amounts will be added to the student’s balance by the collection service.

Students whose check payments are returned to the college will be assessed a $25 returned check fee. Checks may not be accepted from persons who have written or submitted two or more returned checks to the college.

Check payments will not be accepted for reinstatement in classes.

Protect Your Identity

JWCC is committed to protecting each student’s financial information. We do not solicit, nor will we accept credit card information by email. Students who want to pay by credit card should log into their JWCC SOLAR account to make a secure payment. Others wishing to make payments should call our business office at 217.641.4211.