Student Account FAQs

When is my bill due?
Payment of tuition and related fees is due by the designated due date, prior to the start of classes. Payment for classes added after the tuition deadline is due at the time of enrollment.
What is the institutional delivery fee?
The Institutional Delivery Fee is a per credit hour fee that is charged for every class delivered through the open learning center.
What is the institutional support service fee?
The institutional Support Service Fee is a universal fee assessed to all students. The fee supports the College’s Student Life and Athletics programs and fitness center. The fitness center is located in the Student Activity Center.
What is the online delivery fee?
The Online Delivery Fee is a per credit hour fee that is charged for every online class.
What is a lab fee?
This fee defrays the cost of providing instructional supplies, materials, and/or facilities for specific courses. Lab fees vary by course.
What is a program fee?
This fee covers certain costs related to specific programs such as nursing, surgical technology and truck driver training. The fee helps offset the higher cost associated with these programs.
Does the college offer a payment plan?
John Wood Community College offers a tuition payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions. There is a $25.00 non-refundable Nelnet enrollment fee per semester. With this plan payments are automatically debited from your checking account on the 5th of each month until the balance due the college is paid in full. Monthly payments can also be charged to most major payment cards on the 5th of each month.
Why is there a financial hold on my account?
A financial hold is placed on all past due accounts. This includes unpaid parking fines, library fines and any other departmental materials borrowed and not returned. In order for the student to register for additional classes, the indebtedness must be paid in full.
Can I use my financial aid to purchase a Quincy Transit bus pass?
Monthly bus passes can be purchased with cash or a check made payable to Quincy Transit Lines. Students are not allowed to charge bus passes against financial aid.
Can I get my account balance over the telephone?
To protect the student’s privacy, we will not give account information over the telephone. Students can view their charges by logging into their JWCC SOLAR account or by stopping by the business office with a valid photo ID.
When do I get my 1098T statement?
1098T statements are mailed to students before January 31st to the current address on file in Enrollment Services.
Where can I buy postage stamps?
The business office sells postage stamps.
Where do I pay a parking fine?
Parking fines must be paid with cash, check or credit card at the business office. Fines cannot be charged against financial aid.