Five Signs You Should Transfer to Another College

Five Signs You Should Transfer

Big Guy in a Little Coat.

It just isn’t a good fit.  You’ve tried to lose the weight of the feelings, but instead you go to the all-you-can-eat ice cream bar in the cafeteria. The first step is to admit the problem. This school just isn’t for you. (If the ice cream thing rings true, maybe stepping away from the rocky road could be a good idea too).  Start by making a quick list of what isn’t right for you, or what you wish college could be.  Find a school that has those qualities and go there.  Swallow your pride like the ice cream.

Cash Money.

You’ve done the “big girl” thing and got the hell out of dodge.  Yay you.  But the bill for the next semester just landed in your lap. It is likely one year’s worth of loans to cover tuition or room and board totals $10,000 to $30,000. And, um, you multiplied that by four, and realized that’s real money. In four years that loan payment could be more than your car and rent combined. Unless you want to live in your car, it’s time to find a more affordable college.

That Major in Partying Didn’t Work Out.

It was fun while it lasted, but now the academic hangover is real. Your grade point average is like the backwash in a red solo cup and your professors are giving you the stink eye.  Good news – grade point averages don’t follow you to your next school.  Bad News – you’ll have to admit your mistakes and explain that grade point average to get a fresh start elsewhere.

Already Have One Foot Out the Door.

Does your car seem to drive itself home every Friday afternoon? When you are on campus, do you spend most of your time isolated in your room trolling friends’ Instagram accounts at other colleges?  Read the signs and take a step to change schools at the start of the next semester.  Don’t wait.

Major Mind Freeze.

Kind of like a brain-freeze after eating too much of that ice cream, only the pain you’re feeling is panic because you can’t figure out an academic major. It’s ok, but maybe your current school isn’t providing the opportunities or individualized support you need to make the decision. Try a smaller school that is known for one-on-one attention and a solid career services or exploration program.

Hey, it happens.  Students transfer to different colleges more than you think. Wondering where to start? Take a look at how to transfer credits and enjoy thinking about how much money you will save by making the switch.